What to Wear

When I am deciding what to wear, it really depends on what I’m doing, where I’m going and if I am going to be outside (Dubai living for ya!). I usually start my day off with a workout session, so I am always in a two piece matching set. Usually in bright colours, makes me feel happy to be in colour (so Dubai).

My afternoons typically are filled with meetings (for fun projects!) or activities with the kids, so I transform into something more causal. Comfortable trousers, a T-shirt, sneakers and sunnies. My evening wear is somewhat transitional, depending on again, where I am going. Usually its a dinner or an event, so in this case, I tend to dress it up. I am really loving a two piece set, a fitted crop top with a loose fitting trouser, and still keeping with my sneaker obsession or a chunky heel. Even though its currently 45 degrees outside, I always top off my outfit with a jacket. Right now its either a jean or leather jacket (yes, I realize its too hot, but it looks good…fashion over function).

My top designers right now!

  1. Zimmermann
  2. Isabel Marant
  3. Alexis
  4. Frame
  5. L’Agence