Welcome Back, Skin


Having spent a month in the jungle with no hair products, no make up, no products for my skin… no nothing. Not even a spray tan to keep me company, my skin was ready for a total deep clean overhaul.

I started off by running right into Dr. Lana’s office (Cosme Surge Clinics) for a hydra-facial, and a deep cleansing skin procedure. For maintenance that doesn’t always require a doctors visit, I find exfoliation and using masks as key factors in maintaining a glowing look. Of course, I always keep up with moisturizing and even a light peel to get that top layer off.

Cosme Surge Clinics

Your skin remembers. Actually, once you get it back to it’s regular routine, it starts to react and bring itself back to it’s regular texture and ph balance. Since living in Dubai, my main rule is always trying to stay out of the sun. I’m back to 100spf on my face and neck, and always putting it on under the makeup.