Wardrobe Cleanse: Less is More.

Having just returned from my epic summer adventure, I am hitting the ground running in Dubai. New season, new haircut, new me. And that always includes my wardrobe. Therefore,  I have a two year rule for my closet. If I haven’t worn for it for two years, out with it, there is a reason, time for a wardrobe cleanse!

Sometimes I get attached to items. Especially if I spend a lot of money on it; high end brands, some pieces that are really classic, and key wardrobe staples. I clear out my closet twice a year. Fashion pieces that were last seasons that I get bored of, I sell because I get over them very quickly.

I was obsessed with buying Chanel tweed coats. This is the first year that I haven’t bought one. When I was younger, I was crazy about them. But now I think they’re aging and my style has drifted to a longer look even though I haven’t got any taller haha. The reality is that I like everything smaller these days. I moved to the 25 from the 35 Birkin. I don’t need as much as I did.

Being in Dubai, I don’t go to as many things, events and social meetings. I don’t have a winter season so I culled a lot of my winter stuff, because I am simply not wearing it. If I ever move back, well, it’ll take time to build that wardrobe back up! I don’t think my cut offs and tank tops will suffice for a November in London. London life is a lot more stuttered. You have more dressed up looks on a daily basis. Where as here I gravitate towards my jeans shorts and a tank top (unless I am going out of course).

Less is more.