My summer make up routine

With no glam squad in sight for over 5 weeks during our summer holiday, I have to improvise! Anyone that knows me, knows I love getting my glam done – if I have to do my make up myself, something has gone horribly wrong! But during our summer holiday where I’ve been country hopping around Europe, I have no choice than to do it myself (get the violins out).

Lets be honest – no one wants their face sliding off the moment they step outside in to the heat so keeping make up light and simple in the summer is key.  It’s so nice being able to give my skin a well-deserved chance to breathe too.  I love Dubai but when it gets too hot in the summer, you have no choice but to be in air conditioning 24/7 and it really does have an affect on your skin.


To start with, typically, I’ll build up a gradual tan on my face and body with a self-tanner to keep a sunless, healthy glow! When I apply tan myself, I prefer a mousse to a lotion as you get better coverage and it seems to be more effective with a darker colour. I’m really missing my spray tanning queen, Manel, who uses Naked Tan – I can’t seem to find a tan that works for me quite so well and in Turkey it has been impossible to find tan, even in the pharmacies and cosmetics stores!


When it comes to my face, I hate to cake on foundation or product, I like to keep it bright and dewy so instead I tend to mix my foundation (Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood flawless filter or Huda Beauty faux filter foundation) with a bit of moisturizer and highlighter and apply it to my face. It gives good coverage but allows my skin to breathe! After this, I apply Dior Forever Undercover concealer to my under eye area.


I have quite long lashes naturally so I like to keep my eyes super simple and pretty, just applying a slick of mascara on the top and a tiny bit on the bottom. In the heat, eyeshadow will melt off incredibly quick so really, whats the point in even trying? Waterproof mascara is an absolute must – with 3 children who love to splash Mummy in the pool it means I don’t end up with panda eyes.


I have the Stanbury lips so there’s not much I need to do to enhance mine – instead just a touch of lip gloss is enough.  I use my favourite lip gloss (Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss in Nude) which has a slight shimmer in it and complements the overall dewy look!


To finish off, I use Too Faced chocolate soleil bronzer along my cheekbones which just defines and gives me an extra sunkissed look on top.

Share with me your summer make up must haves! What are your secrets to staying made up in the sunshine?