Stateside: Never Enough.

On the 8th December I was asked to host another charity event in Miami alongside my sister in law, Sophie Stanbury. Austiage from the Star Individuality foundation approached us. The charity assists, supports, and motivates tomorrow’s generation live passionate, creative, and motion-filled lifestyles in order to find their individuality. The event was at Soho House. And the evening was a great success. It was so much fun to work together closely with Sophie again. The last time we worked together was on the show.

New York

After the event, from sunny Miami I caught a flight to a very chilly New York. When I travel, I try and catch up with as many people as I can. Especially if I am on that side of the world. To get to the states from Dubai is a 16-hour journey! I planned to see Nicole perform at Madison square gardens with Andrea Bocelli. Every time I see her, she amazes me in new ways. She is such a talented, sweet soul with a huge voice. I felt extremely proud of her that night and truly blessed to call her my friend. She performed ‘Never Enough’ from the greatest showman. I am already a big fan of that soundtrack so when she performed it became even more special to me.

Top Five New York Spots

Whilst in New York, I stay at the Four Seasons New York Downtown. It really is my home from home, and they always make me feel so welcome. I feel more at ease there knowing that I am so far from home.I always love to visit New York. During my 20’s I lived there for a short period of time. However, if you are planning a trip there I would suggest this time of year to be the best time to go. The city really is filled with the joy of Christmas. The decorations and the lights, even with the chill in the air. It’s a Winter wonderland! It really helped me to get into the festive spirit. Because of this, I couldn’t wait to get home and spend the time with my family preparing for Christmas! Top Five New York Spots: