My Training Routine



I work out 4 times a week with my trainer Sam, who knows me and my body. We mix our routines by lower body and upper body, spending twice a week on each part. He knows my goals, what I want to achieve and he keeps me lean and strong. He’s also helping with my meal plan.

I start my day with a collagen coffee before I train. Which really helps me to get up and get through my hours training session with Sam as he really is relentless. He does not chat to me he makes me work which is something I need to keep me motivated. I feel the best time for me to train is the morning. It makes me start the day at the gym and then I’m off to my meetings.

I do cardio twice a week and weight training twice a week. Cardio is my least favourite thing to do but I just plug myself into my favourite music, as loud as I can, and I just get on with it. My favourite workout is with the weights. I found the back of my arms struggled to get definition but my arms and legs have really started to improve a lot. Anyway, I still need core exercises, but the weights do the whole body. They burn calories a lot quicker. My body shape is small, so doesn’t take much time to get out of shape and if I do too much cardio. I lose too much weight which doesn’t look right on me. And makes me look older.

I also have a techno gym bicycle at home. Which I use when I want to do a more chilled work out, just sit whilst doing my emails. I think it’s important to find something you enjoy doing in the gym or a homework out to keep you going. A trainer who is easy on the eye also helps.