Most Requested This Week: My Diet

My DMs have been flooded this week on Instagram with people asking what I eat and drink on a daily basis. So I figured it was time to share the knowledge!


I start off every morning the same – with a glass of celery juice and an iced coffee collagen drink (recipe below). Truth be told, I’m utterly incomplete without these two things and find it hard to haul myself out of bed without them! The celery juice is great for keeping sugary cravings at bay. And the collagen iced coffee gives me an energy boost along with a youthful glow thanks to the collagen powder.

Food wise, my trainer Luka regularly supplies me with eating plans depending on what I have coming up or what I want to achieve with my body.

My life is pretty hectic. So the most important thing for me with any nutrition plan I follow is that a) I still have a lot of energy and b) I don’t feel hungry. Been travelling so much recently made hard having any kind of routine, so now that I’m back in Dubai. I’m right back in to getting my body summer ready!

Anyone that follows my stories will see my current plan includes intermittent fasting where you have nothing to eat between 10pm and 4pm the next day for 3 days straight and then the next 4 days is zero carbs. This is not a long term plan but simply something to get your body working properly, flush out the bad and shed some excess pounds. 

Sadly, I can’t have my morning drinks on this plan which of course I sorely miss but it’s worth it!

This is the current plan I am on provided by my trainer.


Collagen Iced Coffee Drink

½ cup strong brewed coffee left to cool

¼ cup almond milk (or coconut)

2 tbsp cashews

1 date, pitted and chopped (the best way is to have a whole tub of this made so you don’t have to pit and chop every time)

4 ice cubes

Splash of vanilla extract

2 tbsp collagen powder (I use Great Lakes Gelatin Collagen Hydrolysate)