Mini bags: my chic summer must-have!

It’s mini bag SZN!

When I started my bag collection all those years ago I never would have imagined I’d eventually be lusting after mini bags more than regular sized bags. ‘Back in the day’ it was all about the bigger the bag, the smaller you look. So, as you can imagine – I was carrying bags roughly the same size as a suitcase!

I cannot get enough of the mini bag trend this season – it really is the chicest of summer statements. What do you really need all that room for anyway? iPhone, lipgloss, bank card – I’m good to go!

My look was never complete without a huge tote balanced on my forearm but as my style has evolved, so too has my taste in bags.

When it comes to my minis, I like them to be bright, colourful and fun. It just adds that pop of colour to an outfit and really finishes the look. While I tend to go for a more understated vibe with my clothing (well, sometimes!) I want my bag to do the talking!

Having 3 kids, I also need to be able to have my hands free so the across body minis are perfect for Mums too!

The mini bag trend also means that I can take more bags with me when I travel (yay) – and I have REALLY gone to town with them this summer.

Small bag, minimal fuss, huge statement. I’m in!

Micro bags, however, I’m still to be truly convinced – where am I supposed to keep my phone?  Until Apple adapt the iPhone to fit, I’ll stick with my mini.

I’d love to hear what minis you have your eye on – comment below and share with me.