How to Wear Florals: Everything but Romantic



If one thing says “new season” it´s floral prints. It never goes away. It would appear for this coming season, designers got thinking about how to put “floral” more in your face than ever-. And I’m kind of liking it….

The thing that usually scares us the most about floral prints is the possibility that we look like we did when we were five year’s old being dressed by our grandmother. Sometimes resembling a curtain rather than a girl in a pretty “frock” (as they would call it). But there is a solution for everything. And looking to this season’s trends, there is so much choice in pattern, tone and shape.

There is obviously a floral for everyone. If not, why would designers year after year keep producing them for a limited segment of the market. I consider three main factors when looking at florals. Factor number one: the length. Wearing a mini or maxi give two totally different looks for two totally different ocassions. A short dress gives us a much more casual and fun look. I do like a summer dress as it doesn’t require a lot of thought and it’s easy to throw on (and men loves them). On the other hand, maxi is gives us that elegant “French Riviera” look. Actually, I don´t even wear big skirts.  I am all about a cut off or my legs so I like short as I am short makes me look taller.

Next on my list of factors are tones. Prada have gone for really dark tones which boost the bold “everything but romantic” hard ass look. As Vogue say, black is no longer just for the dark months. Its appropriate all year round. Caroline Herrera in their Spring Summer 2019 Ready to Wear collection, were all about bright tones and simplistic floral design.
















The pattern of the floral print/design can be a personal choice depending on your overall outcome- “everything but romantic” or “sweet childhood memories”. If you are going for an “everything but romantic” you need to avoid the classic tandem “tight waist + flight skirt”. If you want to seduce your inner child, the tighter the waist and the large the skirt, the better. Go big or go home.

If you haven’t guessed, this season I’m all about the “everything but romantic” look with Prada taking centre stage. Stylistic criteria and audacity help when converting floral dresses into something bold and beautiful. Add belts, overlayers, denim- there are so many ways of combining that chosen print to make them work for any occasion- not just the garden party. If I wear a floral I try and make it a bit harder with accessories. I am not a hugely girlies girl

Shoes will always be a main focus with florals- want to dress it down; go with sneakers. Want to play it up; peep toe heals- the higher the better- Louboutin, I’m looking at you! That said if you want to skip the floral dress, Manolo Blahnik has put the print right on the shoe with his Hangisi Floral’s retailing at $1025.

Not convinced yet? Check out the spring/summer 2019 collections at Balenciaga, Michael Kors, Miu Miu, Prada or Chloé .

Want something more basic? Take a look at these off the shelf options:


Zimmermann – 2.550$


Isabel Marant Étoile – 415$