Fall Fashion Favourites

One of the things I love about what I do is that I get to travel and enjoy the seasons more than I used to! When I lived in London, I often begrudged the fact that our weather was a dreary mixture between autumn and winter most of the year round (sorry England, but it’s true!). Living in Dubai it really is wall to wall sunshine, 365 days a year, so my trips to places like London and New York in the autumn are an opportunity for me to wear the things I can’t usually!

I love mixing things up with my wardrobe and throwing some high street pieces in with designer. Zara really has autumn / winter basics nailed, don’t you think?

And, well, it’s no surprise to anyone that most of these looks are in the camel family, but that is what this season is for isn’t it? Matching our clothes with our pumpkin spice lattes!

These are some of my favourites that I’ve recently added to my wardrobe – I’d love to hear yours too, share with me below!

Corduroy overshirt with pockets

Blazer with flap pockets

Winter check jacket

Ibiza mini dress

Daniele Carlotta Printed Dress

Louis Vuitton La Grande Bellezza sunglasses