Divorced Not Dead

Well, I am officially a podcaster – and I am absolutely ecstatic about it!

I first floated the idea of my own podcast sometime during lockdown (I mean, we had a lot of time to think, right?). I contacted my good friend, Michael Bosstick, who just happens to own Dear Media and he replied saying “let’s do it!”. And that was that!

I had met the brilliant Michael and Lauryn Bosstick through appearing on their podcast – The Skinny Confidential: Him and Her – and we immediately clicked. Their company, Dear Media, is a female focused podcast network and one of the industry leaders. They were the only people I wanted to do it with as I knew they “got it”.

Fast forward only a few months and here we are with Divorced not Dead.

I have podcasted before with my friend Kris Fade but never alone so this is something totally alien to me however, somehow, it feels right.

Following my divorce, now more so than ever I really feel like I have something to say that could make a difference.

The name Divorced not Dead came about because that’s exactly what I am. After divorce, society wants to say – right that’s you done now but I’m turning that on its head. My marital status doesn’t change who I am, what I stand for, what I can achieve with my life. After all, I’m not dead – I’m only divorced.

And let me make it clear – it is not just for divorcees. It is for everyone! Single, happily married, unhappily married, happily trying everything out ….I want to change societal taboos and get deep in to those conversations we simply haven’t been having but need to be.

If you choose to join me on my podcast journey, you’ll learn a lot about me but, more importantly, I hope you learn a lot about you.

Caroline x

Divorced not Dead is available everywhere podcasts can be found. The first two episodes are live now! Subscribe now and never miss a episode. New episodes every Wednesday!