Diet: Easy tips

Diet: easy tips

I get asked all the time what my secret is for keeping my body in great shape for a mum of three who also recently turned 40. I wish there was a magic answer to this question but honestly, there is no easy answer. The answer is a lot of hard work. I train at the gym almost daily and I eat well… I don’t like to say I diet, because dieting to me is something a person does for a period of time and then they eventually revert back to their old habits. Instead, I make healthy eating a part of my lifestyle. After all, most any trainer you ask will tell you abs are made in the kitchen.

Below I’ve compiled some of my favorite “Easy” tips for healthy eating.

  • Substitute soda or juice (or any surgery drink) with sparkling water and a lime wedge. The bubbles in sparkling water are more fun to drink than still water and the lime adds flavor.
  • By eating small snacks throughout the day you keep your blood sugar levels balanced and prevent overeating.
  • When I feel hungry the first thing I reach for is water. Often times that hunger feel we experience is actually our bodies telling us we’re
  • I’ve found that more often than not, people cheat on their diets out of convenience. I like to pre-make vegetable trays with hummus (I try to avoid Ranch because it’s full of fat) for those times when I need a quick and easy snack. A pre-washed, pre-cut vegetable tray helps me avoid the temptation of “convenient” snacks like potato chips or cookies for a guilt free snack anytime of day. If vegetables aren’t your thing, try squeezing lime juice on some green apple slices.. it tastes just like sour patch kids but without the guilt!

Avoid eating after 8pm. On average people are less active in the evening and therefore burn less calories during those hours. Not only that, but people tend to reach for high fat, high sugar foods at night. (Show me a person who chooses carrots over ice cream for their midnight snack and I’ll show you a unicorn.)

Bonus: Green Smoothie Recipe
1 small green apple chopped
10 green grapes
1/4 cup honeydew melon
1 banana
1 cup fresh spinach
1/2 cup chopped cucumber

Blended together with coconut water and ice for a low calorie, low sugar smoothie!