Winter Hair, Don’t Care.


Hair style


Living in Dubai I have limited ways through styling to show that winter is ‘slightly’ coming. So this time around, I decided to go for a dark hair look.

Out with the white, in with the dark hair look (well, darkish), but in all seriousness. I have been away in the sun, on the beach, away from my hair products, and my blonde hair had gone white. Because of this, I began to feel a little bit like Lady Gaga. As much as I love this look, it requires a lot of fake tan, make up and doing during the day. So I decided to go warmer. I called my colourist at Jacques La Coupe. Actually,  think I drove him a little bit nuts trying to describe the look I was going for. I even had to call my colourist in LA and have them ship my colour here (physically ship them here!!).

Now I am loving my new hair. I like to think that I have a more natural look and my colour matches my eyebrows. I plan to keep this look for the winter, we’ll see what happen next summer…the white might be back.