Activated Carbon: Will I or won’t I?

As someone who likes to keep their finger on the beauty pulse – I have seen activated carbon everywhere for a few years now!


For those that follow on my social media, you will see I am always up for trying the latest treatments, procedures and natural health aides. And you know I will always tell it like it is.  Activated carbon seems to be present everywhere, but is it really worth any of the hype? 

Activated CarbonAs a peel off mask, it’s applied to absorb the superficial fat of the skin. On my face is the only place I am happy to hear that there would be fat (got to keep that youthful glow). Also, eliminate blackheads, achieving a more uniform tone and temporarily reducing pore size (yay!).  The final result produces an overall better look to your skin tone!

When applied as an exfoliating mask, it doesn’t really do much. It improves the appearance somewhat but the cleaning is less deep.

As a daily cleanser, it’s available in both gel and soluble form but the benefits are minimal at best and only beneficial for those with oily skin. 

You’ll have seen the numerous celebrity endorsements for activated carbon as a whitening method. But to be brutally honest it doesn’t work and it can even damage your (precious) tooth enamel. It is a very aggressive product that damages the layers of the tooth and can even develop the opposite effect. Do not be fooled with products like this claiming to whiten your teeth by (x) amount of shades in (x) amount of days. These people have had their teeth professionally whitened prior to endorsing or using this.

One thing it does do is it can be used as a method to relieve abdominal swelling and improve digestion. Which I think all of us girls are often in need of at various times in the month! 

It has been touted as a method of weight loss also but, as with so many dietary products marketed to us females. This claim is without any evidence at all. In other words, it offers no positive substances for our body.  A healthy diet and exercise are the main components to losing weight, ladies!

So, is it worth the hype and will I buy in to it? Absolutely not. These days, it is so important to be aware of what goes in to your body via the products we use and consume. My motto is always – if the health and beauty professionals aren’t using it then neither am I!